Building Contractor Eglwysbach

Why choose Fox-Byrne to be your Building Contractor?

When it comes to construction, having the right building contractor working for you is critical. Your building contractor will wear many hats other than a hard one! He will be the person to approach for anything construction related, he will be the person who deals with suppliers, subcontractors and visits from building regulatory departments.

A flexible and adaptable approach to the project with good communications skills and patients are just some of the personality traits required on top of a host of professional skills.

Now, that of course, is why you need Fox-Byrne as your building contractor Eglwysbach.

Example contracts

It’s always difficult to explain to clients about the full range of construction work that Fox-Bryne undertakes. Of course they say a pictures paints a thousand words so we are going to add a few with a small amount of explanation to each.

To make things simpler for website visitors we will split the work into smaller jobs that are typical for the home owner and larger jobs that typically come from larger commercial contracts.

We are equally as happy doing either sort of work and as you will see, we are specialists when it comes to working with natural materials like stone.

Ask Fox-Byrne Building Contractor to quote you – no job too big or small.

Commercial Building Contracts

The range of commercial Building Contracts we’ve completed is quite diverse but we have decided to display some pictures that hopefully show that diversity.

Building Contractor
Working on commercial Building Contractor projects around Eglwysbach has its own set of challenges, the multi-trade environment, subcontractors who priorities may differ from the projects and of course the time constraints of the people holding the purse strings. It’s something we really great at and as professional Building Contractors we take it all in our stride.
Here you can see the foundations have been laid and we are about to start building work in a big way.
Again in these situations, having a building contractor who works easily with others and communicates well is essential.
Building Contractor
Stone walls are a speciality as well, in fact although we are happy to undertake any contract, we love working with raw stone.








Around your home in Eglwysbach

Having work done to your home or garden can be stressful, we always try to minimise that stress by keeping the work area tidy and by making sure you have clear access when we are not around. Of course, that’s not all we do, we also deliver on our promise to you that our work will be to your standard and expectations. Having a professional Building Contractor running the work makes all the difference.Building Contractor

Having a fish pond in the garden is something that many people can relate to, but having one at a height that works for you is something many people will not have considered.

This project was a delight to work on, notice the stonework and shape, nothing was straight forward but the finished item is delightful.

One of the most important things with this project was that the working height should be correct and that the finish was as organic as possible (apart from the gnome who should have gnome better).